With Tuatara® Camo

A New Species of Camouflage

Hunting as nature intended
All camouflage is designed to make you hard to see. But that’s just the table stakes in the world of hunting. The elite hunter is searching for far more. More than just an edge, more than getting close. It’s the ability to have total control over a situation. So you can challenge every aspect of a hunt, take time, reflect, respect and choose. Tuatara® Camo puts you in a zone like no other and takes you closer to your prey than ever before. Closer than you ever dared. Become one with the land. Take your time and choose your next move. Raise the bar, challenge old traditions, embrace your primal instincts and rewrite every definition of the word ‘stealth’.

"The depth perception in the Tuatara® camouflage is incredible. It’s (the deer) looking straight through me and has given me those few more seconds to get the shot away. That was incredible, I’ve never seen anything like it.

Kadin Willis

New Zealand


Disruptive Colours
The stealth hunter needs to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Wearing Tuatara® Camo, you become one with nature. A shadow in the forest. A rock on the mountain face. The master of hunting undetected.

Technical by Nature

Tuatara® Camo takes hunting to the next level. We’ve redefined what it means to hunt undetected with four key technical design elements that will confuse the animal eye and enable you to become one with your hunting domain.

Edge Extinction

Tuatara® Camo utilises disruptive colour patterns that effectively break up your outline.

Depth Defiance

With 11 layers of intricate design patterns, Tuatara® Camo creates a 3D like effect where it challenges depth perception.

360⁰ Scale Tech Design​

With a natural blend of peaks, scales and contours, it’s hard for your target to get any sense of where you begin or end.

Colour Fusion

The colours in Tuatara® Camo draw out the natural colours around you. Stand next to the green of a fern and the colours will fuse to blend you in.

Behind the camo

How tuatara® camo came into existence